• BTCUSD : $ 67,382

  • Market Cap : $ 1.300t

  • 24h Vol : $ 42b

What is pricedinbitcoin21?

Pricedinbitcoin21 denominates and tracks various assets in Bitcoin, including precious metals such as Gold and Silver, public companies such as Apple and Tesla, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) such as Select Sector SPDR ETFs and iShares Treasury and Corporate Bond ETFs. More assets are coming soon!

Why Price Everything in Bitcoin?

We believe bitcoin is the best money. Bitcoin is durable, portable, fungible, verifiable, divisible, scarce, and censorship-resistant. Unlike fiat currency, Bitcoin has a hard cap of 21 million coins, providing a consistent and true measurement.


How do you calculate the price of an asset in bitcoin?

The homepage shows prices in bitcoin or sats rather than US dollars. The price of an asset in dollars is divided by the price of bitcoin in dollars. For example, suppose an ounce of gold is $2,000, and one bitcoin is $40,000, the price of gold denominated in bitcoin is 0.05 BTC or 5,000,000 satoshis. 


What's the funny-looking kebab symbol?

Under the price column, you may notice a kebab-looking symbol on the homepage. The symbol represents the smallest unit of bitcoin, a satoshi. One bitcoin is divisible into 100,000,000 satoshis (SATS).


How can I view the price chart of an asset priced in bitcoin?

To view the price chart, click on the asset name. 


How often are prices updated?

Prices are delayed and refreshed every 30 minutes. The delay can range from several hours to days. 



To redenominate the world in bitcoin.